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Family History Research by Tony Griggs
Family History Research by Tony Griggs
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Hello and welcome! My name is Tony Griggs, I am an experienced freelance Professional Genealogist who has been researching family history for fifteen years and helped over two hundred clients like you learn more about their ancestry, you can read some of their testimonials here.

I offer a range of family tree research services, but as a starting point, or as a very special gift, I would recommend one of my popular family history research packages, which start from just £400 to follow one surname. These packages include:

  • Your family tree traced back about 200 years to the early 1800s/late 1700s, 8 or so generations back from now.
  • Option to extend back further if possible‚Ć.
  • Hardback book, which makes a wonderful heirloom containing:
    • Report showing how the research was done—the proof these really are your ancestors.
    • Integral family tree charts.
    • A short biography on each ancestor with key information.
    • Transcripts of the documents used, as old writing can be hard to read.
  • Large colour A3 family chart.
  • Copies of documents, such as birth certificates, perhaps the signature of an ancestor.
  • Learn where your ancestors lived.
  • Learn how they earned a living by discovering their trade or occupation.
  • Research on ancestors in England, Scotland and Wales.
genealogical research package
Family History Package

...I found his work very thorough and some interesting information came to light. Good value and well presented...

Douglas, Northamptonshire

What to expect from a Professional Genealogist?

Many of my clients have already done some genealogy themselves. I often get asked to help break down a brick wall. Whereas an amateur gains experience whilst researching their own family tree, as a professional genealogist I have researched many hundreds of families and covered many diverse types of records. I do this as my full-time job, so I am working with genealogical records for 40 plus hours every week.

genealogical document - first world war discharge papers
WWI Service Papers

genealogical document - parish registers
Parish Registers

A professional genealogist won't just rely on what records are available online, or the suggestions of a website to direct their work, they will know where to look to find the records they need, which may mean ordering them or visiting an archive. They will know what types of records will give the answers to their questions.

Being a professional family history researcher, I don't rely simply on indexed information, which may have been wrongly transcribed, or only contain the basic details from a family history source. I will, where practical, look at the original or an image of it. The original will often contain far more information than captured in the index. This sort of information is vital to progress your genealogy back further.

genealogical document - maorial documents
Manorial Records

genealogical document - wills

As part of my work, I will report to you how I have derived the conclusions from the family history research undertaken. This report will state how the information comes together to prove your ancestry.

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