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Family History Research by a Professional Genealogist

Have your family tree accurately traced by an expert you can trust. Learn about the lives of your ancestors and extend your ancestry back further. All beautifully presented in large family tree charts and a hand-bound book—an heirloom in its own right.

Update 12 August 2022: The next available research slots are to start in late-September 2022. There are only a few left for completion before Christmas. Please contact me for more information.

Family Tree

Family Tree and Book

Starting from the limits of your knowledge, historic records are used to trace you ancestry back as far as possible in the time available or as surviving sources allow. This makes a perfect gift for a loved-one, that the whole family can appreciate.

Research includes:

  • Copies of historic documents
  • Detailed report that proves your ancestry
  • Professional family tree charts
  • Narratives about your ancestors' lives
  • Transcription of old hand written documents

My dad was so pleased with his family tree... he shows everyone that walks through the door!

Anna, London

Each family will vary, research might uncover:

  • The names of your ancestors
  • Where they lived
  • How they made a living
  • If they served in the forces
  • How they died
  • Their last wishes in a will

Some people like doing their own research. For others, it can be time consuming, difficult and confusing. There is always the possibility that you might be climbing up the wrong tree. Let me do all the painstaking hard work so that you can enjoy the finished book, and be confident in its accuracy.

Family Tree Research Package


07568 563211
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